Understands the business first before designing and implementing Microsoft cloud solutions

“Brian has been phenomenal in helping us migrate to the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. He begins with understanding your business and then tailoring his services to adapt to those needs instead of a one size fits all. Highly recommended!”

Sae Cho Vice President
Clark Wilson Builder

Natural educator with years of hands-on experience

“Brian always leaves project stakeholders feeling understood, respected, and confident in the overall plan and their specific role and duties in achieving the project goal. I call Brian the ‘client whisperer’, a natural educator with years of hands-on experience in the IT trenches. All project stakeholders immediately realize they are in good hands when Brian is a part of the team.”

David McGrath Principal IS Project Manager

Microsoft partner who delivers results

“Brian’s level of technical knowledge around anything Microsoft is invaluable. Brian always took the time to not only explain the technology or process, but ensure the business understood the value as well. Customers and co-workers alike appreciated the level of expertise that he brought to each and every interaction.”

James Wood Digital Technical Specialist

Understands requirements and delivers high quality solutions  

“Brian ensures he fully understands the needs and requirements and provides the highest quality solution. Brian is at the top of my list of people I would want to work with me to get the job done right the first time. Any organization or client would be privileged to have his expertise and work ethic moving them forward.”

Rodney Scharich Sr. Partner Technology Strategist